प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६
Message from Chief of CIB

It is my pleasure to welcome you in CIB Homepage. CIB has emerged as an Intel-driven premium national investigating agency in the country.  Since the commencement of CIB, it has successfully investigated the complex criminal cases and the cases, which are concern of general public and interest of the nation. 


Regulation of operation and management of Central Investigation Bureau has provided legal space for CIB to investigate cases, detain perpetrators and initiate prosecution as per the law of the country. It also stipulates when Bureau can investigate these crime.  Jurisdiction of the CIB encompasses the entire country, which enables us to investigate the criminal cases anywhere around the country.  The cases which are deemed to be a national concern can be referred to Central Investigation Bureau through Police Headquarters only.


Central Investigation Bureau is committed to make its findings credible through impartial behaviour and veracity.  It earns its reputation by brave action required to accomplish the assignments while doing so. Commitments of the officers to the assignments, dedication to achieve higher avenues through continuous learning, professional behaviour and organizational culture are its assets. 


CIB officers are devoted to construct this office a credible one with its achievements and work culture. CIB provides superior platform for its officers to excel and reach their full potential in area of crime investigation. CIB reckons that knowledge base is its superior weapon to fight against crimes of societies so it endeavours to develop its human capital, make them abreast of latest developments in investigation and get them prepared against future challenges.


Being a small and youngest, Central Investigation Bureau is highly committed to bring the positive changes in the lives of ordinary citizen of our country. We have already made noticeable efforts within a short period of its commencement.  In coming days, CIB will not leave any stone unturned to fulfil its objective to ascend higher avenue.  I urge you to judge our activities and accomplishment independently in an unbiased manner, so you will be able to support us where we excel and point us where we need improvement.


Thanking you for visiting our website.